Turn and Mill Machine – VMC Technology

The Turn and Mill Machine are an old classic stepper with two spinning rollers revolving on two axes simultaneously, thus leading to maximum production of flat-weave small pieces of textile with minimum loss and increased speed. The machine works by passing fabric through a series of small holes, which are easily turned by machine or manually. The turning of these holes leads to the cutting of the fabric into desired sizes, widths and shapes. These machines come with multiple blades for cutting different materials such as cotton, silk and wool. In addition, they are also capable of cutting paper and other composite materials.

Turn and Mill Machine

The Turn and Mill Machine are one of the most widely used machining tools, used by most industries all over the world. These machines are widely used in fabricating, embroidery, leather work and metal works. The turn and milling machines are also known as the rotary plate units, because they consist of a shaft and a grinding plate. The shaft is fitted with various bits and sizes, to perform the operation of grinding. The plate on the other hand is similar to that of the lathe except for the fact that it is much wider. The plate moves parallel to the shaft, so as to grind or cut the fabric.

The turning and milling machine has a number of advantages, the foremost being its excellent speed, and the reduction in energy wastage. These machines are very user friendly and can be set up in minutes. The turning and milling machines are available in different types, depending upon the nature of the project. These machines are designed for cutting a variety of fabrics from thread, yarn, cotton, nylon, silk and so forth. They can even be used for polishing and finishing.

The turning and milling machines come in both vertical and horizontal varieties. If you want to use the machine in fabricating garments, then you can choose the vertical type. On the other hand, if you are looking to use the machine in the production of metal products then you can go for the horizontal version. The turning and milling mill machine is available in various price ranges, so that one can buy according to his needs and budget.

These turn and mill machines have been manufactured by a wide range of companies, namely: Torklop, Klipsch, Cricut, Adhesives and Specialties, Inc., Just Cotton, Inc., Tiger Woods Designs, Inc., O’Sullivan, Grote, Schilke, Sharp, J.C. Penney, Boomerang, Blueline, Eureka, Carron and Grass America. All these companies manufacture the turn and milling machines in different models. The prices of these machines vary, based on the model, specifications and the brand. So, before you buy the machine you should have a clear picture of what you are looking for. The companies have designed the machines in such a way so as to allow the users to customize the functioning according to their needs.

The turn and milling machine have the VMC or vacuum forming technology, which enables the machine to operate with multi-axis control. The vacuum formed parts are strong and free from bubbles and lumps. They are made from high quality polyester fibers, which give them excellent tensile strength.