Basic Types Of Turning Machines

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Basic Types Of Turning Machines

CNC mill turning machines, otherwise known as CNC turn mills, or mill turning centers, are special machine tools which turn the work piece in a rotating axis by using a turning mechanism to perform various non-traditional machining operations, including drilling, cutting, edge machining and twisting. This machine is used for complex machining tasks requiring precise turning movements in low-cost and efficient manner.

The mill turning machines are basically similar to a lathe in appearance. They can be operated both manually and automatically depending upon the machine’s settings. There are many types of CNC mill turning tools available in the market which can be used for different purposes. Some of the commonly used types are described below:

Manual mill turning machines are usually operated by hand and use one or more rollers to move the material around a rotating drum. These are very convenient and reliable tools for performing common milling operations. The cost and weight of these machines are quite less and are used in variety of applications. Manual mill turning machines are suitable for both small and large projects. They do not require frequent servicing as other types of machines do.

CNC automatic milling machines are used for precision and high accuracy. These machines are operated by electronic circuit boards which communicate with each other through a communication cable. The machine operates on one main power supply and produces good quality results. These machines require little space as they are compact in size. These machines are more expensive than their manual counterparts but offer a high level of performance. The only disadvantage of these machines is that they are not as user friendly.

CNC automated milling machines are specially designed and operated to produce accurate, smooth and free from noise machining operation. They have special programs that automatically control the movement of the work piece without the use of human intervention. The output material is then fed into the work chamber where the grinding wheel is used to grind away the unwanted material. CNC automated milling machines are generally used for detailed cuts.

Turning machines are often called ‘mill turning’ machines because they are used for the production of milling pieces of materials at a fast rate and in a precise manner. While using a mill turning machine, the material is fed into a rotating drum at high speed and a fixed distance between the two rotors is maintained so that the work piece rotates around a single axis.